Monday, June 26, 2017

5 Outfits you can’t go without at Royal Ascot 2017

     This year’s Royal Ascot has begun, and so has the Ladies Day races. Are you ready for it? Here at Liquorish, we've sorted out the best outfits for you during this game season. From dresses to jumpsuits, we have made sure you look professional, fashionable, and not to mention chic.

     This lovely navy dress is our editor’s pick. With lace and button down detail, this dress sets an elegant look just for you.

     We picked this maxi dress for this year’s Royal Ascot. Stripes are a major classic staple in fashion, which means this pink and black stripe lace dress is a must-have in your wardrobe.

     Floral is everywhere this year and we are in LOVE with them. Believe us, this floral lace dress will have you miles away from the crowd.

     You can’t go wrong with this navy lace dress. How chic is it! Pair it with a pearl necklace and you are the new it girl.

     Jumpsuits are now allowed to be worn at Royal Ascot. With the lace design around the shoulder and neck, this jumpsuit is an ultimate outfit for your special taste. Wear a bright coloured bag for an eye-catching look.
xx, Liquorish

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