Friday, June 10, 2016

Wedding Fever

     Summer is fast approaching and we all know what that means! The long-awaited summer weddings. Love is definitely in the air this year, and we seem to be finding ourselves throwing confetti week after week! Liquorish’s “Red Oversized Oriental Print Maxi Dress” has recently been published in Cosmopolitan Magazine as part of ”50 dresses to wear to a summer wedding under £100”. Click here to check out the article.

     Here at Liquorish, we totally agree that the maxi dress will be a huge hit for those who are going to weddings in the upcoming weeks and months. Bold colours are proving to become a highly anticipated and, may we say, awaited trend this summer. There are a vast array of Liquorish dresses available giving you a huge choice for the wedding season. Visit our website  to check our latest Liquorish Dresses, to see what we believe to be perfect apparel for the summer season. 

     Head over to Liquorish Online for summer outfits perfect for weddings, holidays, and any other occasion you may be going to for the holiday season. We simply cannot wait for summer and we know that finding the perfect outfit can sometimes be a nightmare, but never fear, because here at Liquorish we have you covered with all things celebration so that you will be sure to be wedding ready when the big day arrives. Although we can’t promise you won’t upstage the bride in one of our Liquorish numbers.

1.  Liquorish Deep V Neck Dress with Asymmetric Hem

Liquorish Deep V Neck Dress With Asymmetric Hem-01Liquorish Deep V Neck Dress With Asymmetric Hem-01

2.      Liquorish Long Sleeve Shirt Dress with Pleated Skirt

Liquorish Long Sleeve Shirt Dress With Pleated Skirt-03 Liquorish Long Sleeve Shirt Dress With Pleated Skirt-03

3.      Monochrome Bamboo Print Culotte Jumpsuit

Liquorish Monochrome Bamboo Print Cullote Jumpsuit-02Liquorish Monochrome Bamboo Print Cullote Jumpsuit-02

4.      Liquorish Golden Sequin Evening Dress

Liquorish Golden Sequin Evening DressLiquorish Golden Sequin Evening Dress

xx, Liquorish

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