Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Every year it's the same dilemma when it comes to festival season- how to keep your packing to a minimum and still look fierce at all times. Well, Liquorish have done the thinking for you! We've put together a list of all your festival fashion fixes in this handy guide below...

1. Patterned jumpsuit- a wardrobe necessity this summer- it's small, light and easy to put on in a tent!
Buy here; http://www.liquorishonline.com/product/liquorish-woodstock-revival-playsuit
Buy here; http://www.liquorishonline.com/product/liquorish-navy-playsuit

Buy here; http://www.liquorishonline.com/product/liquorish-ethnic-80s-playsuit
 2. Maxi dress- a festival must have! Pair with one of our statement necklaces for instant glamour
Buy here; http://www.liquorishonline.com/product/liquorish-disco-palm-print-beachwear-maxi-dress

3. Side bag- needs to be big enough to keep all your essentials in it...including deodorant and dry shampoo!
Buy here; http://www.liquorishonline.com/product/liquorish-brown-fringe-cross-body-bag
4. Statement necklace- this will set you apart from the crowd with minimum effort!

Buy here; http://www.liquorishonline.com/product/liquorish-floral-multi-colored-necklace
5. Printed mini dress- simply a must have! We love this cheeky number...
Buy here; http://www.liquorishonline.com/product/liquorish-monochromatic-tropics-beachwear-shift-dress

7. Sunhat- there's nothing funny about facial sunburn...and it also doubles up to hide festival-hair. We love this classic monochrome piece;

6. Kimono- anyone who's anyone is wearing these this summer! Loud colours and patterns are the only way to go at festivals...plus it means your friends won't lose you in the crowd.
Buy here; http://www.liquorishonline.com/product/liquorish-hot-summer-fringe-kimono
Buy here; http://www.liquorishonline.com/product/liquorish-black-and-white-baroque-print-kimono

9. Shorts! We love this floaty casual pair http://www.liquorishonline.com/product/liquorish-rasberry-beach-shorts

8. Croptops- and lots of them! 
Buy here; http://www.liquorishonline.com/product/blue-tribal-silk-cropped-top

10. Backpack! Because sometimes a side bag just isn't big enough! Chuck all your bits 'n' bobs in here and you'll have no problem carrying around everything you need for the day...and still look fabulous! http://www.liquorishonline.com/product/liquorish-blue-ikat-backpack

...So there you have it! For more fashion fixes visit liquorishonline.com xo

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