Saturday, June 28, 2014

World Cup Fever

To all the girls who promised their boyfriends to enjoy football this time but actually despise it. It is actually not that bad.
First of all, take your friends with you. While the guys watch the game you can talk about anything, they wont listen.
Second, find a good place you always wanted to have drink, your boyfriend will pay (we know he feels a little bad, because he made you come)
and third, its the perfect opportunity to show off your summer wardrobe. The whole word looks at the footballers wives, they should look at you as well.

And even though England didn't get that far in the World Cup but that is no reason to stop watching! There are still a lot of good looking players

We chose some bars, which are excellent for watching the game and some and enjoying one or two drinks at the same time:

The Lockside Lounge in Camden ( 75-89 Upper Walkway)

Zebrano in Soho ( 18 Greek Street)

Guanabara in Holborn (Parker Street)

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