Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vogue Festival 2013

How many of you lucky Liquorish ladies made it to part of the Vogue festival?? It certainly wasn't the usual image you see at a British summer festival... not a muddy wellington boot in sight. How refreshing!

Our fave part of the weekends festivities was hearing Paul Smith and Alexa Chung share their style wisdom. Paul talked about the ways in which he finds inspiration for his collections and he talked about how he uses travel, interior design magazines and old photography as inspiration for starting points for his garments...and it clearly works?

As ever Alexa Chung near single handily led the festival with regards to style... her effortlessly cool look is defo one to take inspiration from for this Spring! Although we do massively admire Paul Smith for his modest suit teamed with what can only be described as extrovert socks!

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