Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The latest colors of celebrity fashion!

This summer the style would be keeping things cool. The designer boutiques would represent the progressive patter of bringing new wardrobe of their spring/summer collection.

The fashion color that has broken its beam this season is certainly gold. Recent carnivals and star studded gatherings revealed gold as the color right from eye shadows to embellishments and clothes.

Latest celebrity fashion also entails white as a parallel color to the eccentric gold. The Cannes’ red carpet recently adored white and gold as the color and patterns incorporated with the couture looked quite innovative.

From Naomi Campbell and Cheryl Cole to Penelope Cruise and Rachel McAdams, all flaunted their frills and finesse with a white and subtle gold details in their coveted outfits.

If you want the scoops of you’re the latest celebrity version in couture you would be highly happy to see their glamorous distinctions with celebrity fashion online. It is rowing well; the 2011 summer is going transcend the trends for sure.

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