Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tulisa fron N Dubs in Liquorish

For more info of this lovely lady and the N Dubs crew click here
To buy this dress for your very own! click here also available in pink ♥♥♥



Sunday, September 12, 2010

30% Discount on all items available on our online store from Midnight Tonight

30% Discount on all items available on our online store from Midnight Tonight
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how much do we love this! how the hell can you work / type / eat with these but .. we dont care!!! we want them now!

Friday, September 10, 2010

News Letter 001

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Liquorish desktop backgrounds

5 Lovely deck top backgrounds for all you lovely Liquorish Girls can have some sexy Liquoirsh swagger on your desk top night and day.

Just click on the image and it will open in a new window,
Right mouse click and save to your computer,
Go to your settings, and make the image your desk top background.

Ctrl+click on your desk top,
Change background image.
Select image.

Enjoy Ladies xx

Top Shop

hey guys dont forget you can buy not only Liquorish designs on our sex online store but also in TOPSHOP!! yes we sell in topshops concession department in the basement. we move around lil but but right now were on the left next to the coffee shop.. garb a dress then grab a coffee.. what more would a liquorish girl want.. fashion and caffeine in one place !


Friday, September 3, 2010

Liquorish girls watch.... Love Bites

I think we all actually squealed with excitement when we watched this teaser of the new show "love Bites" it actually looks amazing! Tell the boyfriend your doing your hair because girl this show can not be missed!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

LIquorish Girls Love .... Japanese Nail Art

How hot would we look if we could rock theses nails 24/7 ..
Not sure our personal trainer would approve lol

Liquorish girls watch...Hellcats

After just watching this trailer for the new show "hellcats" were hooked! what more do you need other then "bring it on" in a weekly show! Angry girl saves the cheerleaders! baby this is what tv was made for!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

who wouldnt want to rock... Touchscreen iPod Nano !!

Ok touch screen on the cheep ipod nano (basicly the one i can afford) now who ever says we dont live in the future really dosnt knw what there talking about! I want one in every colour!!!! ahhh so Fresh! AND they all connect! omg! i just died!

Liquorish Girls listen too.. Kenye West / Power

great video.. we all cant wait to see the full video.. or the album when it drops in September.

this video is so inspiring, above are some screen shoots.

Sophy Robson's Art Deco nail's

Some people call Sophy Robson just an Nail artist .. we call her a THE NAIL QUEEN!! weve been watching her work for quite some time and we love love love loves these Art deco syle nails she did for Dansk magazine. They are actually amazing, the length, the edging! whats not to love! seriously!

Liquorish Girls would wear... Chanel/Lego lipstick by Dee and Ricky

Dee and Ricky, took some inspiration from Chanel for their latest creation, a Chanel/Lego lipstick. We think this is the coolest idea weve seen in a long time..

Picture this Standing at a party.. dry as hell.. open our sequinned clutch bag, slowly taking out our Chanel v Lego hybrid lipstick.. all eyes turn to you! slowly applying the deep crimson colour over your full lips like its just any an other day.. the other girls would die! being this cool is just to easy for a liquorish girl.

Shame its not real and only a brooch...
i guess well just pin it to our dress hehehe

You want in on the fun? order yours info@deeandricky.com to order one