Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Liquorish Girls would wear... Chanel/Lego lipstick by Dee and Ricky

Dee and Ricky, took some inspiration from Chanel for their latest creation, a Chanel/Lego lipstick. We think this is the coolest idea weve seen in a long time..

Picture this Standing at a party.. dry as hell.. open our sequinned clutch bag, slowly taking out our Chanel v Lego hybrid lipstick.. all eyes turn to you! slowly applying the deep crimson colour over your full lips like its just any an other day.. the other girls would die! being this cool is just to easy for a liquorish girl.

Shame its not real and only a brooch...
i guess well just pin it to our dress hehehe

You want in on the fun? order yours to order one

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